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Ceremonial Cacao, Regenerative Organic 1

Ceremonial Cacao

Organic, 1 Pound

Ceremonial Cacao is the most special Cacao.
At Buena Fruta Farm we grow more than 20 varieties, and increasing, of high quality
Regenerative Organic Artesanal Cacao.

Of all those great varieties there are some that stand out as the most special and they are Ceremonial.
The Ceremonial fresh bean has the most and best tasting fruit coating the bean.
And the bean naturally has a smoother, less bitter flavor.
They are like love seeds!

Ceremonial cacao is great for group ceremonies.
And for your own little daily tradition, ritual, meditation, whatever you like
to make your day special!

The fresh beans are great eaten out of the bag, in a smoothie,
made into a fresh Chocolate in a food processor (See photo above with recipe),
dried and ground into chocolate (raw or roasted), so many possibilities!

Important Note: The Cacao is taken out of the freezer and shipped right away with USPS 3 Day Priority, but will not still be frozen when you receive it. Priority Express (1 or 2 days) is an option (See shipping page for details)In the colder months of the year the fruit may still be sweet. But when Cacao warms up the fruit melts and turns from white to clear and becomes a good healthy vinegar, that is part of the traditional Chocolate making fermentation process. It is recommended to freeze or refrigerate it when it arrives if you don't plan to ferment it.