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Buena Fruta Farm

The Purpose of Buena Fruta Farm is to educate and inspire Sustainable Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

Buena Fruta Farm is a Sustainable Regenerative Organic Cacao (Chocolate) and Rare Fruit Farm. The farm is completely organic because your health and the environment matters!

Nutritional and Medicinal

Organic Cacao, especially in its raw form, is so special and so full of nutrients and medicinal properties that the Aztecs called it "The Food of the Gods"!

Buena Fruta Farm products are based on the desire to provide the best nutritional and medicinal properties possible from what the amazing earth has to offer! Please subscribe below to learn of new and seasonal products. Thank you!

Unprocessed is Better

The typical process for making Chocolate involves fermenting, drying, and roasting the Cacao. Each step of processing depletes nutrients. Fresh Raw Cacao has the most beneficial properties but has a shorter shelf life if not refrigerated so it is not commonly found.

The white you see here is the sweet fruit covering of the Chocolate nut, which is typically eliminated. The inside of most varieties of Cacao is purple, but some are white. After drying they all turn brown.

The Best Cacao in the World

The Best Cacao in the world grows in Puerto Rico. There are thousands of varieties of Cacao Trees. In Cacao growing areas around the world there are collections of Cacao Trees with the best tasting Cacao. The USDA Tropical Agriculture Research Station in Puerto Rico has a collection of over 300 varieties from the best around the world. Ten varieties were chosen as the Best of the Best. Those 10 varieties are grown on Buena Fruta Farm!

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant

The bitterness of pure Cacao comes from the Polyphenols. The Polyphenols in Cacao, called Flavanols, are both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.
Raw Cacao is highest in Flavanols!

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