Cacao (Chocolate) Tree (buy 2 or more and get $10 off each additional tree after the 1st tree)

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Cacao (Chocolate) Trees. Organic Cacao Trees. Grow your own chocolate.

Cacao Tree (Chocolate Tree)
Regenerative Organic Grown
Approximately 18" to 24" well established trees

1st tree $38.00, additional trees $28.00 each.

Cacao (Chocolate) is a strong and easy to grow tree under the right conditions. It can also make a beautiful indoor house plant. They can handle heavy pruning and can be kept in a plant pot in a
patio. And it's so nutritious, delicious and fun to grow.

Spacing and growing conditions: Planted in the ground, I like to plant my cacao trees 7’ or 8’ apart so they form a nice canopy to shade the ground. They like moisture and well drained soil. They drop a good amount of leaves which is nice mulch. If planted in the ground it’s good to keep them pruned to around 8’ tall for more cacao production and easier harvesting. About the coldest it might handle is 40 or 50F.

If they get too dry or shocked, for example by a hurricane, it’s common they can lose all their leaves but, as long as it’s not too dry for too long, it will grow back and be strong again. In a dry location it’s good to mulch to help retain moisture.

Note: The Cacao trees are shipped bare rooted, or a small amount of soil. They need to be transplanted into a pot with good organic potting soil when they arrive, kept moist, and out of the bright sun for at least a week. A mix of sun and shade is ok. As they gain strength they can be in full sun if they stay moist.

Note: During the colder time of year, depending where you live, it gets risky sending plants. Unless it's being shipped to a southern area and you think it will make it you may want to wait until warmer weather.


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    Cocoa tree

    Posted by Karen on Oct 19th 2021

    Arrived in excellent shape