Why Cacao Toothpaste?

Love Your Teeth
And Support Regenerative Organic Farming At The Same Time!

Why Buena Fruta Farm Sells Toothpaste

One Reason: This toothpaste is Amazing! People have been loving the original
toothpaste-1.jpgCoconut Oil Toothpaste for years.toothpaste-3.jpg

 Cacao Toothpaste? Research has shown that Cacao, which is very nutritive and medicinal in its pure form,
is very good for our teeth.

Theobromine, naturally in Cacao,
hardens and remineralizes tooth enamel.

 People love the Cacao Toothpaste, and considering the healthy properties of each ingredient
it undoubtedly has many other beneficial uses.

Another Reason: There’s a joke, “If I had a million dollars I would keep farming until it’s all gone”.toothpaste-2.jpg toothpaste-5.jpgFarming is expensive, it takes a lot of time, hard work,
wear and  tear on equipment, etc...

By selling this toothpaste we can improve the farm, increase production of nutritious food, and provide jobs!

Buy some toothpaste and consider it a donation
                          to a healthier world! Thank you!

Coconut Oil Toothpaste   Cacao "Chocolate" Toothpaste

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