Regenerative Organic vs. USDA Certified

Buena Fruta Farm is strictly organic, from the heart. We are Regenerative Organic which is beyond organic.

Regenerative agriculture increases biodiversity, enriches soils, and causes an overall increase in the ecosystem and in the production of very delicious nutrient dense food.

Some of our farming practices include composting, mulching, compost tea foliar feeds, and incorporating biochar in the soil.

Biochar is amazing!!! It’s very porous and retains moisture which makes the land much more drought resistant. And it provides an excellent environment for beneficial soil microbes like bacteria and fungi.

These microbes help make nutrients available to the plants. And the fungi mycelium attach to plant roots and extend the roots bringing more water and nutrients to the roots.

USDA certification is expensive and complicated for small farmers. But at some point it might be worth it.

For now a lot of our business is with people who know and trust us. But as we grow and are selling to more people who don’t know the farm, USDA certification could be good.