Cacao Paste, Organic Fresh Ground 100% Cacao Unsweetened, 1 Pound

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Cacao Paste, Organic Fresh Ground, 100% Cacao Unsweetened.

Cacao Paste

Organic Fresh Ground 100% Raw Cacao, Unsweetened, 1 Pound

Pure Dark Chocolate full of nutrients and medicinal properties such as antioxidents, anti-inflamatory and much more. Try it mixed with Coconut oil and/or sweetener to make sandwich spreads and frosting. Add Coconut flour and sweetener to make fudge. Great as a smoothie additive. Also for non sweet recipes like Mole’ Poblano.

This is fresh frozen Cacao with the sweet fruit pulp. Cacao "Chocolate" is actually the nuts inside the Cacao fruit. Each Cacao nut has some sweet Cacao fruit on it. Typically Cacao is fermented, dried, roasted, and broken into pieces called Cacao Nibs, then ground up to make chocolate. The nuts average about the size of an almond. The fruit is delicious but perishable so it’s not commonly available. The nut has a thin skin that is very nutritious and contains Theobromine which is a powerful antibacterial against the main bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

The bitterness of pure Cacao is the Polyphenols which are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. The typical fermentation process for making chocolate takes away some of the bitterness but at the cost of losing some of the Polyphenols. We harvest the Cacao and freeze it right away, not fermented.

 Note: This Cacao Paste should be put in the freezer, or used, as soon as it arrives.
Suggestion: Empty the package into ice cube tray, put in the freezer, and use cubes as needed.


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