Cacao ("Chocolate Bean"), Organic Fresh Frozen (With the Fruit!), Bulk 15 Pound

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Cacao Recipe

100% Cacao

Organic, Fresh Frozen, Bulk 15 Pound

Bulk size is great for smoothie shops, repackaging into mini packs for resale...

(Please see important note below)

This is fresh frozen Cacao with the fruit pulp. This is Cacao before it's dried and broken into nibs. Chocolate is made from the nuts "beans" inside the Cacao pod. Each Cacao nut has a thin layer of the Cacao fruit pulp on it. Fresh Raw Cacao has the most nutrients. It is full of many vitamins, minerals, a great source of magnesium, and natural substances like anandamide that make people feel good.

Typically Cacao is fermented, dried, roasted, and broken into pieces called Cacao Nibs, then ground up to make Chocolate. The nuts average about the size of an almond. The fruit is perishable so it’s not commonly available. The nut has a thin skin that is usually discarded but more current research shows that the skin is very nutritious and contains Theobromine which is a powerful antibacterial against the main bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

 The nuts "beans" can be eaten as is right out of the bag, frozen in portions for smoothies, etc.... They're sweet on the outside (unless they ferment and then the fruit becomes a good healthy vinegar) and bitter Chocolate on the inside. The bitterness is the Polyphenols which are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. The typical fermentation process for making Chocolate takes away some of the bitterness but at the cost of losing some of the Polyphenols. We harvest the Cacao and freeze it right away, not fermented.

Serving Suggestions: Eat as is out of the bag, add to smoothies, in fruit salads, etc… (See the raw Chocolate recipe above)

Important Note: The Cacao is taken out of the freezer and shipped right away but will not still be frozen when you receive it. In the colder months of the year the fruit may still be sweet. But when Cacao warms up the fruit melts and turns from white to clear and becomes a good healthy vinegar, that is part of the traditional Chocolate making fermentation process. It is recommended to freeze or refrigerate it when it arrives if you don't plan to ferment it.



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    Frozen Cacao, 15lb

    Posted by Jackie on Dec 7th 2021

    I'm SO glad we ordered these in bulk! We are making a large-ish batch of chocolate with several other families. Such fun! The seeds were defrosted and just beginning to ferment when we got them at the standard shipping speed. We are now on day 6 of our home fermentation process and they are just perfect! I ordered whole pods as well and the fruit in them is much fresher, so if you're looking to eat whole, raw, fruity seeds then pay for much faster shipping or buy whole pods. But if you are fermenting them anyway then this is a great way to go!