Cacao ("Chocolate Bean"), Organic Fresh Frozen (With the Fruit!) 4 Pounds, Includes Priority Express Shipping

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Cacao Nuts, Organic

100% Cacao

Organic, Fresh Frozen, 4 Pounds

Priority Express Shipping Included

This is fresh frozen Cacao with the sweet fruit pulp! This is Cacao before it's dried and broken into nibs. Cacao (Chocolate) is made from the nuts inside the Cacao fruit. Each Cacao nut has some sweet delicious Cacao fruit on it. Typically Cacao is fermented, dried, roasted, and broken into pieces called Cacao Nibs, then ground up to make chocolate. The nuts average about the size of an almond. The fruit is delicious but perishable so it’s not commonly available. The nut has a thin skin that is usually discarded but more current research shows that the skin is very nutritious and contains Theobromine which is a powerful antibacterial against the main bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

The nuts can be eaten as is, the whole nut right out of the bag. They're sweet on the outside and a nice type of bitter flavor on the inside. The bitterness is the Polyphenols which are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. The typical fermentation process for making chocolate takes away some of the bitterness but at the cost of losing some of the Polyphenols. We harvest the Cacao and freeze it right away, not fermented.

Serving Suggestions: Eat as is out of the bag, add to smoothies and fruit salads, etc… 

Note: The Cacao Nuts are taken out of the freezer and shipped right away, but will not still be frozen when you receive it. It is recommended to freeze or refrigerate it when it arrives if you don't plan on fermenting it. (Note: In the warmer months it is recommended to order with priority express shipping if you don't want fermentation to possibly begin.)

Shipping: We usually ship frozen items Monday to Thursday Express Priority, or Monday to Wednesday or Saturday Priority to make sure it arrives on a business day. But let us know what works best for you.